First Day

  • What did you do today?
    • Briefly describe your day’s activities
The project we did today was to make a pop-pop boat. Our teammate made a very good observation, realising that there was a boat at the back of the lab. Thus followed its design as the overall design for our own pop-pop boat. We did many tests and found out only once was we successful. With the remaining time tomorrow we shall make some quick adjustment to make it run.
  • What did you learn today?
    • Discuss any learning points from today’s activities
I learnt the process needed to create a successful design. Starting from the Conceptual Design>Embodiment Design>Detail Design. Also i learned some principals of propulsion of "steam", using some simple science relating to pressure.
  • How do you feel about today’s activities?
    • Describe how the project has affected your understanding of the discipline and how it may be applied elsewhere
As our school has many projects that require the discipline of design, we can use our newly acquired knowledge when doing similar projects in the future.
    • Share your insights for the day
We get to do many prototypes and almost every try failed, but our mentors gave us advices along the way, making us believe its possible, spurring us on. It was really fun going out and trying out our boats and hoping for the best that it will work.

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