Third Day

  • Project Sharing Sessions
    • Note down at least three key learning points
I've notice that every project has something in common. Which is the need of determination. And of course you can't have determination without doing something you love. Thus the second learning point is to find something you love doing. Lastly you will need flexibility. Be flexible and find out how you are able to apply the knowledge and skills we know.
  • How do you feel about the SST-NTU Flagship programme?
    • Describe how the programme has affected your understanding of the discipline on a larger scale
It has recapped the procedure on how to construct a successful model starting from the design of it. It is similar to our ISS project but the theory is a little more in dept.
    • Share your insights for the programme in general
The main insight for me is the construction of the mini steam engine, the science behind it is very simple however very innovative. It has stretched my mind to look further into the simple concepts i have learn and try to tweak them to serve a greater purpose.

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